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Order Ritalin Online (Methylphenidate) is a drug that fall under ADD/ADHD category. ADD/ADHD is a condition with symptoms such as inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. The symptoms differ from person to person. ADHD was formerly called ADD, or attention deficit disorder. Both children and adults can have ADHD, but the symptoms always begin in childhood. Adults with ADHD may have trouble managing time, being organise, setting goals, and holding down a job.  ADD/ADHD rx medicine we are selling are branded  mostly and few are generic (that is mentioned brands section on each product page). Generic Ritalin (Methylphenidate) 10mg and other ADD/ADHD drugs available to buy online are cheaper than branded comparatively. Generic alternate of every prescription we are selling is available on demand if you want to buy cheaper. Ritalin and other prescription drugs we have listed on our website for sale are either approved branded or highest quality generic.

Below is the list (with links) of all the other drugs we have available for sale which fall under ADD/ADHD category:

  • Adderall 30mg
  • Provigil 200mg

If you want to read more about ADD/ADHD medications in details, please refer to the links below;

If you want to read more about Ritalin (Methylphenidate) medications in details like dosage, uses, side effects etc .. please refer to the links below;

  • Wikipedia
  • RxList

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Wondering how can you buy Ritalin online without prescription (no rx) ?

1The reason we are offering Ritalin for sale without requiring any prescription or rx is that has the license to sell prescription drugs by the way of wholesale. So we are targeting enterprises or resellers (other pharmacies) not directly the consumers.

However, we also have a section for consumers to buy prescription drugs online. We require consumers to read the terms of use and terms & condition pages on checking out or completing the order, where they will need to agree to terms and conditions to complete their order.

Below are the links to “Privacy Policy” and “Terms & Conditions” pages if you want to order Ritalin (Methylphenidate) 10mg online from us;

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

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